Tokary GC wins Polish Junior Championship!

The three-day junior clubs tournament was held between 4-6 August at Modry Las GC near Choszczna. In the finals, Tokary GC defeated last year’s defendant champion Binowo Park GC (3&2). Sobienie Królewskie G&CC – A won the third place.

During the first day of the tournament, one member of a three-person team played the round in stroke play format, while the other two players competed in texas scramble stroke play brutto format. Later, the results were summed up which gave the basis to divide the teams into four groups, competing for the places: 1-8, 9-12, 13-16 and 17-18. The top eight of players, on the second day of Championship, played two matches.

Just like last year, Tokary GC and Binowo Park GC met in the final struggle. After a cut-throat competition, the team from Tokary won in Citi Handlowy II Junior Polish Club Championship.

“We knew that the finals would be interesting and tough. The beginning was rather flat because we lost on the first hole. After the first “nine”, we were all square. Fortunately for us, our opponents made a few mistakes later on, which gave us an opportunity to win. Last year, we lost in the final with Binowo and that’s why we were really eager to win this time” – Jakub Dymecki, the captain of the winning team says.

First runners up in the competition were the players from Sobienie Królewskie, winning over Tyski KG – B 6&5.

During the award ceremony, PGU General Secretary Bartłomiej Chełmecki thanked everybody who made sure that the tournament run smoothly: “This tournament would not be so glamurous without a massive contribution of parents and PGA Poland coaches, who is our training partner of this event. My special thanks go to the team of Modry Las GC, especially to president Artur Gromadzki, for brilliantly prepared courses and creating this wonderful atmosphere.”

The head of the tournament Janusz Mojsiewicz pointed to the fact that the second edition of the junior championship enjoyed huge popularity: “We really appreciate that this year more junior teams took part in club competition. The competitors also have every reason to be happy as they achieved really good results, e.g. first day – Jakub Dymecki -5. I congratulate Ilona Piękoś and Bartosz Łotecki from Modry Las, who have dealt successfully with an 18-hole course for the first time in their life. Even though they had to play in blistering heat and adverse weather conditions, the golfers were brave, smiling and happy to take part in this tournament, which confirms that the idea of the format (texasscramble) was good.”

The next tournament of Citi Handlowy series will take place at Kalinowe Pola GC between 20 and 23 August, where Polish Junior Championship and Polish Championship 19-30 will be held.

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Citi Handlowy II Junior Polish Club Championship (Modry Las GC, 4-6 August 2015)
1. Tokary Golf Club (Jakub Dymecki, Maria Żrodowska, Maksymilian Biały)
2. Binowo Park Golf Club – A (Dorota Zalewska, Jakub Gąsiennica,Michał Tutko)
3. Sobienie Królewskie G&CC – A (Michał Bargenda, Mikołaj Kniaginin, Andrzej Wierzba)




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